eSewa is starting its new remittance service in Japan. 

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Managing Director of eSewa, Ajesh Koirala said,”We are starting our first eSewa money transfer service from Japan. We are doing it through the digital medium of Japan’s World Family Remit”

Nepalese people living in Japan will now be able to safely and easily submit money through eSewa Money Transfer. 
The organization is also prepared to extend the remittance service even in other nations.

That would make it very easy for Nepalese to transfer money. It will also be a relief to families facing difficulties transferring money to their loved ones.

A great number of Nepalese will be grateful to eSewa with the extension of this service to other parts of the world. Not only that, we will also experience an improvement in customer behavior with simple service facilities.

Many major corporations are adapting to the impact and change and/or extend their policies in this coronavirus pandemic.

ESewa marks its presence on the world market with the introduction of a new remittance service beginning in Japan. ESewa launched its services in 2009 and has done well ever since. The organization initially started with a dream for Digital 2020. It appears the digital wallet is making that vision a reality.

ESewa is proud of its success and aims to further expand the remittance program in other nations. This will allow Nepalese people all over the world to access money mobility easily and securely.

Two months ago the money transfer firm obtained its license from Nepal Rastra Bank.

Today eSewa has a very large customer base. This application may be used by eSewa customers for mobile recharge, payment of energy bills, purchasing of online travel tickets and film tickets. Additionally, the form also allows payment of school and college fees, credit card payments, and insurance premium payments.

The eSewa app is available for iOS as well as Android devices.


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