Top 20 Most Common/Popular Hacking Tools by 2020

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Updated on May 27th

As last year, we made a ranking between May and April 2020 with the most common tools this year.

Tool topics focus on OSINT, gathering information, Android hacking tools, automation tools, phishing, among others.

Without going into further specifics, we’ve prepared a useful list of the most common tools in Kitploit 2020:

  • Hijacker – All-in-One Wi-Fi Cracking Tools for Android


  • Findomain – The Fastest And Cross-Platform Subdomain Enumerator


  • EagleEye – Stalk Your Friends. Find Their Instagram, FB And Twitter Profiles Using Image Recognition And Reverse Image Search


  • ANDRAX – Penetration Testing on Android


  • CQTools – The New Ultimate Windows Hacking Toolkit


  • Sampler – A Tool For Shell Commands Execution, Visualization And Alerting (Configured With A Simple YAML File)


  • LOIC (Low Orbit Ion Cannon) – A network stress testing application


  • EasySploit – Metasploit Automation (EASIER And FASTER Than EVER)


  • ScanQLi – Scanner To Detect SQL Injection Vulnerabilities


  • SQLMap – Automatic SQL Injection And Database Takeover Tool


  • OKadminFinder – Admin Panel Finder / Admin Login Page Finder

  • Shellphish – Phishing Tool For 18 Social Media (Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Github, Twitter…)

  • DNS-Shell – An Interactive Shell Over DNS Channel


  • QRLJacker – QRLJacking Exploitation Framework

  • PhoneSploit – Using Open Adb Ports We Can Exploit A Devive

  • SocialBox – A Bruteforce Attack Framework (Facebook, Gmail, Instagram, Twitter)



  • Instainsane – Multi-threaded Instagram Brute Forcer

  • Tool-X – A Kali Linux Hacking Tool Installer

  • Hacktronian – All In One Hacking Tool For Linux & Android

  • Ultimate Facebook Scraper – A Bot Which Scrapes Almost Everything About A Facebook User’S Profile Including All Public Posts/Statuses Available On The User’S Timeline, Uploaded Photos, Tagged Photos, Videos, Friends List And Their Profile Photos


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