Zoom , Stronger encryption may just protect paying customers

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“Zoom aims to improve the security of its consumer payment service 1,” Newsweek notes, “but the update will not be open to customers on its free service.”

Zoom security consultant Alex Stamos later confirmed the details of the reported move in an interview with Reuters, which first reported the changes on Friday. But he also told the news outlet that Zoom’s plans could still change. “The CEO is looking at different arguments,” Stamos said.

“The current plan is paid customers plus enterprise accounts where the company knows who they are.” In the wake of privacy concerns, he added that Zoom was making significant efforts to upgrade safety and trust on its platform. In an emailed statement to Newsweek, a Zoom spokesperson said: “Zoom’s approach to end-to-end encryption is very much a work in progress — everything from our draft cryptographic design, which was just published last week, to our continued discussions around which customers it would apply to.” The tech company’s plans to boost the encryption of video calls on its platform have been revealed a month after it was reported that half a million Zoom account credentials were being sold on the Dark Web.
Zoom’s increased usage during lockdowns brought increase scrutiny, reports CNET, which “revealed several Zoom security problems and the fact that an earlier Zoom boast of end-to-end encryption was baseless.”

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