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To introduce myself I am Prabin Baral a Cisco Certified Network Associate, Certified Network Security Expert as well as Software Developer. I come from Eastern part of Nepal born at Jhapa district currently at Sydney Australia for academic purpose.

Background, and Family Support:

I come from the family background where study would never be the option or an alternatives it’s mandatory that I should study and pass well. I was never called a greatest hardworking students always being on the average side, meanwhile my elder sister named Pooja Baral she was always better on her study from early age. In our society, which is still there better students with good marks are always recommended to study Science faculty after completing Year 10 and average side preferring the commerce section. I was on the same section since I was average students, the reason I didn’t study science was simply I was never interested on science, still I remember how terrible score I used to score on science subject, I never ever thought of being on the faculty once I completed my Year 10. I still would like to thank my family where they supported whatever I choose on those days because they didn’t get carried away with the society mentality and backed myself to do well whichever faculty I opted to.

Important Decision on my Career :

I still remember those days when I completed my Year 12 examinations from Birtamode Jhapa and was in the most confusing part of life as well as academic career. The most difficult part I recon in a student life would be to choose the pathway after Year 12. It’s like whatever you do from there will evaluate you being what you will end up on many cases if not all. I never thought I will end up with this faculty that I ended up if I have to remember those days. I did few research on what I need to study, it was not over all research like we do these days since it was back in 2013 internet and technology was on growing phase. I rejected other alternatives and went with Information Techology after few research which was very well backed by my family members, especially my mother who is still worried where my son will end up on his professional career. I would like to extend my thanks my entire family, my father, mother and sister who has been very much supportive and caring to me whatever I started or done. I think the reason I stand and tall is because of their love and support to me which each and every child needs to get those milestones.

First Step to my Journey to IT

The journey as mentioned above started back in 2013, a new day I still remember the first day of Softwarica premises where I could see both the challenges and opportunities ahead of me. It was challenging in the sense that Information Technology was just on the growing phase and since it was British pattern of study that makes the things more complicated because simply we were not used to that pattern of learning and doing assessments. There was still an opportunity in place because I knew it, I had planned this way by the end of 2020 the growth of technology will immensely increase and there will be an opportunities in upcoming future. I knew, I need to be patient, study and much importantly grow skills. If I have to go back in those days, it was not that easy, like walking on the park, it was a patchy start gradually I got better and friendly with the British education and successfully passed my bachelor’s degree on second upper class honors from one of the renowned university of UK, a university of Central Lancashire.

What I Learned From The Mistakes:

By 2016, I have got my bachelor’s degree on my pocket, I still go back and regret on few mistakes I do have made and would like to recommend the upcoming generations not to do so. I was very well surrounded my good lectures around me, which I should confess that I was very lucky during that period of time to get interaction with many of great tutors Softwarica was hiring. I applied to Australia so quickly where I must confess I may had missed the few tricks. Everyone must be aware with the fact if you want to do something the thing you love the most you must work not only study. It is interesting as it sounds but this was the greatest of reality that I have ever learned when I came to Australia. You must have some experience on your belt when you migrate overseas, it’s going to be uphill task if you don’t have those. I was lacking those experience because I was the fresh graduate that applied for Australia as soon as I completed my studies there.

Journey to Australia:

In end 2017, I came to Australia to persue my master’s degree programme. I started my journey very well, to start with was a cleaner on the pub, gradually huge thanks to my Professor who helped me to engage with IT tasks that was proving to be a turning point of my career. The turning point was in the sense, I was learning Aussie pattern of working culture and skills but unfortunately I have to leave in between and depart home due to some circumstances which I still call one of the worst decision that I have ever taken in my life. It is said by greatest of writers and has been also been proved that you need to stick with the momentum whatever comes to your life, once you lose it gets very difficult to pull it back.

I came back and continue my studies and now on the brink of completing my study, I realize wherever you study, how much committed you are in your passion will evaluate your success in your field. I focused more on the global certifications which will play a pivotal role on IT industry, proud to say I am Cisco Certified Network Associate and Certified Network Security Expert as well as Software Developer. Now being on the brink I started evaluating the investment on my study does that made a difference or not. To be honest, I am very still proud to say myself as an Softwarican graduate because the base they provided me on IT has brought the revolution on me, I don’t think the degree here on Australia has many things installed beside whatever I studied back home.

Future Plans:

Being on the brink of completing my education, I am looking forward to examine myself on Australian IT industry if possible in few months’ time, With Nepal growing on IT, with many opportunities coming in future I won’t be surprised if I myself see Nepal permanently in few years’ time after my commitments here. I think money and place should not be prioritized more than the satisfaction that you earn after performing the tasks that you have been learning.

Recommendation to Future Generations:

I would love to recommend the young youths who are on the brink of completing the Year 12 to choose Information Technology which is growing rapidly day by day back home, it’s not only creating opportunities globally but also creating enough opportunities back home. I don’t want to see peoples which such creative minds being outsourced to other countries where they could do well enough back home in IT. There are a lot of options for many of students to get abroad degree, don’t think they should migrate for bachelor’s degree since they get international degree back home with minimum stress and affordable cost which many of them are creating the opportunities after the graduation through the skills they get from there. You can also start-up with minimum cost through those skills that you have generated from the course.
Master’s degree is an optional one, not that worthy to invest at Australia if you are not improving the skills. If you still want to study its better of doing and getting back to home country where you will find the greatest of opportunity growing on IT.

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